For a good cause

Beach art can be a great way to leave a trace and mark the spirits by passing a message outsized.

So I happen to be contacted to participate in collective action with the aim, in addition to a work permit to make a beautiful picture full of meaning through this and try to increase the media will of the action.
If the cause is noble and praiseworthy, I participate as much as I can.

It can also happen sometimes that I am at the initiative of the message, as was the case for the tribute to Charlie Hebdo.

Collective Indre / Saint-Herblain

Octobrer the 31th, 2015

The collective Indre / St Herblain in support against the proposed airport at Notre-Dame-des-Landes, at the initiative of Joëlle Ronnachmore Nicolle invited me to realize their symbol of the aircraft crossed, Vendée on a beach.

By this action, they want to demonstrate once again the fragility of sensitive areas, as are wetlands, sand coasts eroded by the rising waters, and excessive exploitation for concrete for major useless projects and taxed (GPII).

Beach art NDDL
Beach art Alexia

Pas à pas avec Alexia

September the 26th, 2015

I was invited to Britain by the “Pas à pas avec Alexia” whose action is to raise awareness about Smith Magenis syndrome, as well as to support families with one child carrying the syndrome.

This syndrome is a rare syndrome is often not detected because very few hospitals have specialists able to do so. Children are so often labeled as autistic when they require more attention in their monitoring.

This beach art of a sun that includes a moon symbolizes the reversal characteristic of the syndrome sleep cycle.

A heart for Karl

May the 31th, 2015

At the initiative of parents and the teacher of the class of little Karl, I was invited to make a drawing to raise awareness throughout its history on organ donation. Little Karl was waiting at the time a heart transplant.

We did surprise him to draw on the sand, a heart with a pegasus reflecting his passion for horses and courage in turmoil. His classmates helped me in the middle of filling and then took the pose around it to make a nice picture.

To date, little Karl was grafted successfully and devours life full tooth!

Beach art Karl
Beach art Charlie

Tribute to Charlie hebdo

January the 11th, 2015

The unfortunate events surrounding Charlie Hebdo have highlighted the debate on freedom of expression. As an artist, although I rarely put into words my work, I wanted to defend this idea and especially to honor them with this brandished pencil drawn in the sand.
The idea was to make the tribute only with friends around the design, but it quickly became an official rally in Royan, due to word of mouth. Thus we found ourselves to thousands around the design to capture this picture that went round the world.

A roof for bees

May the 24th, 2014

A sensitive issue as that of protecting bees! A roof for bees contacted me to make a drawing, to draw a parallel between the fragile life of the bee and the ephemeral aspect of beach art.

A video was then carried out for this website that offers to sponsor beehives and in return receive the fruit of honey collection.
You can particularly see this video on my Youtube channel and sponsor a beehive on their website.

Beach art UTPLA